Sunday Worship
at 8:30 a.m.

Worship This Coming Week

Death is a reality all people face, including Christians. Sometimes death is a blessed relief after a long life or a painful sickness. Often, however, death is a shocking intruder; it arrives unexpected and unwanted. Jesus has power over death, and the Gospel for this coming Sunday, June 20, takes us to Jesus who knows how to deal with death and with us as we grieve because of death.

Our Way of Worship

Our Sunday worship follows a worship pattern used in Christian churches for almost 1,500 years but in contemporary language and a variety of styles. The entire service is printed in an easy to use folder. We hear readings from the Bible and join together in prayer. We sing psalms and hymns found in a hymnal called Christian Worship which contains hundreds of well-known hymns. The high point of Sunday worship is the message or sermon, a twenty-minute explanation of a reading from the Bible and its meaning for our lives in the 21st century.

Some of our older members dress up for church, but casual dress is perfectly fine. The Lord looks at our hearts and attitudes, not our clothes. Members support the congregation’s work with offerings, but guests should not feel obligated to participate. Rest rooms are located in the lower level of the church.

On two Sundays a month we celebrate Holy Communion, a special meal that forgives our sins as we receive the Savior’s body and blood in bread and wine. The Bible teaches that receiving Holy Communion with others symbolizes our unity in faith, and so communion is offered to Trinity members and members of our denomination.

Covid 19 Protocols

Following are guidelines we practice when we gather for worship.

If you feel ill in any way, have an unusual cough, or have been exposed to someone who has the Corona virus, please stay at home.

The church is carefully cleansed before the service.

Please be seated in every other pew. Households may sit together.

Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are available at the church. Please take advantage of them when you enter.

We suggest worshipers wear masks.

The offering is gathered by making plates available near the doors of the church after the service Holy Communion is offered on our regular communion Sundays, the second and fourth Sundays of the month. We follow a safe distribution pattern.